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"Taking the Next Step"

Welcome to Epic Partners In Crime: The Website.

   Our Mission: To be the only Guild on Sarlona able to schedule and run successful Epic Raids Two Nights A Week Without having to look outside our guild to fill our ranks.

  What I Need:  Two to Four more officers, dedicated to the cause.  Six other members, on 4+ days a week and dedicated.  and 6 - 18 Weekend Warriors, on 3+ days  a week(end).

Braddly's Way

  Drafted.  You'll hear it alot.   This guild only has ONE GOAL.  If we're on we're willing to work towards it's implementation.  You may spend hours grinding favor so your buddy can unlock FvS so we'll have another Healer on raid days (it's hypothetical...).  And you'll like it, because we're the Best on the Server.  Or we will be.  You're gonna help me make it happen. Plus you get DKP for it, and DKP rock.

  Shrouding.  It's our Bread and Butter.  Why? Because ANY character with the right three Shroud items can have an enormously positive impact on an Epic Raid.  Don't wanna be bothered?  Don't like what the guild is doing and don't wanna get drafted? Go Shroud. I PROMISE to never call on you if you're in a Shroud. (I expect the same in return, don't bug me in Shroud.)

  Epic Training.  Sound kinda Silly? Think you already know this stuff? Group cohesion.  Every build has a different impact, every group it's own way.  We NEED to know ours. Come to them.  Learn, Teach, Make a Difference.

  To Be A Member in this guild you must be able to hear in-game voice and understand spoken english, and be ready to be called upon to help the guild achieve it's goals.  If you are not P2P, you MUST own VoN, Desert, and The Vale adventure packs.
    *****                    *****                    *****        FAQ      *****                    *****                    *****
    1. Do I have to leave my current guild?  -  No.  They won't even know you've applied, and if they're willing to share you, so are we.
    2. Is E.P.I.C. only for 20's or Uber toons? - No. You don't have to be Uber OR 20 to join. You just have to be willing to work toward becoming both.  We need our Weekend Warriors. Our current Officers and Raid Leaders are hard at work getting this guild Raid Ready.  So the sooner we get you settled in and teach you the path toward Epic Raiding the better.
    *****                    *****                    *****                    *****                    *****                    *****

  To Be An Officer in this guild EVERY one of your characters on Sarlona must belong to PIC or E.P.I.C.  Being an officer in PIC does NOT make you an officer in E.P.I.C. or vice versa. (PIC is the PvP side of the Partners In Crime/Epic Partners In Crime guild family)
To Apply To Be An Officer
     1.  Bring all of your characters on this server into PIC or E.P.I.C.
     2.  Sign Up for and Show Up at an Officer Training Event (every Thursday)

  To Be A Raid Leader in this guild you must have a microphone and use voice.
To Apply To Be A Raid Leader
     1.  Start scheduling and leading Raids for the guild. (Ask a current Raid Leader to help you schedule.)

  I Don't Like Braddly's Way.  Fine. Don't Apply. I need people who 1. WANT to Epic Raid two days a week, 2. are willing to let someone lead them there, and 3. are willing to work hard to help reach that goal,  4. with a desire to build the best guild on the server.

  Who is Braddly, anyways?  I've been playing since 2 weeks after release. I have characters on every server, including Lammania.   Sarlona has been my home for the last three years.  I have completed every raid and quest in the game, on every level available, more then just once.  I'm on 6+ hours a day 5-7 days a week.  There are people out there that have been around longer, know more, and can lead more raids then I can (I can't even lead EVery raid.) There are guilds out there that are already the best.  BUT not a single one of them Epic Raids two nights a week or could without PuGGing.  This one will.  Soon.  Doing so won't make us the best guild on the server.  That's just our next goal.  Whether or not you'll be there helping when it happens is up to you.  Be Epic.  Join E.P.I.C.

How to apply:
you get this wrong, you won't get in

1. Read the Applicant Information Section of the Forums. Still wanna apply?

2.  Apply to this Guild Website with a list of your characters on the Sarlona Server already in your GuildPortal Profile.

3. Send In-Game Mail to Braddly, with the screen-name you've chosen for guildportal, how often / what days you play, and a short description of why you'd like to join.

4. You will receive an in-game mail response from Braddly with our "Preferred PuG channel" that we use when LFMing.  Join this channel on EVERY ONE of your characters.

5. Respond to LFM's in this channel and show us you're willing to learn, teach, and play as a team.
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